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I got rid of my older computer when I got my Macbook but I still would like to update my ipod.  Its a much older ipod but it still works great, I just dont know how to allow my itunes on my mac to register that there is an ipod plugged in and to allow it to sync.  Is this possible?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Just plug it into the itunes and sync


    Be aware it will ask you to erase all content from your iPod. Normally if you were changing computers  you would copy your info to the new computer


    Moving Content to a new computer


    If all the content is only on your ipod you wil need to get it off there before you sync


    This article takes you through it.


    Finally so you can see your ipod easily in itunes


    View > Show Sidebar


    and your ipod will be in that left hand window. Click on it to select what content you want to put on it

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    I was blocked from the article, but I was able to transfer my music from my ipod to the library.  How do I put music back on from the new library?  It does not give me the option to sync ipod.

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    Is the issue that you cannot see the iPod sync button?


    From the top menu


    View > Show Sidebar


    The iPod should show up in the left hand windo. Select the iPod and from the device sync pages on the right choose music and click apply at the bottom right.


    If this is not working then..



    If you have all your content on your new computer then you may need to restore your iPod to factory settings so it will behave like a new iPod