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So I´m using the Podcast app in order to be able to stream content without having to use Itunes. So far so good. Now, If I pause the podcast I´m listening to, the track information will stay accessible via clicking the screen or double-clicking the home button to access the Iphone Controls/Multitasking bar. For a while, that is.


If I stay away from the Iphone for a longer period of time, the memory of the track being played mysteriously vanishes, If I try to press "play" as described above the currently listed song in Itunes will instead start playing. So what I then have to do is access the Podcast App again and hope that I can find the episode I was listening to again (which of course I don´t keep track of - no pun intended).


I´ve tried changing the order of the app icons in the Controls bar, but they seem not to want to be moved.


Any tips? True continous play would be an awesome feature as I listen A LOT to podcasts.


Btw this forum is awesome. Just saw somebody replying A4-style to an apparent Troll. You show true love, guys

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2