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I noticed that my iMac osx 10.6.8 is not detecting any of my 3.5" external hard drives. The finder would not detect it and i tried using disk utility to check if the mac does. To my dismay, it did not.


I have 2 , 2 T Buffallo 3.5" external hard drives, they worked fine and one day they were not recognised. Initially i thought my buffalo drives crashed, but thank goodness it worked fine on my media player box.


Next I a 1 T Seagate Free Agent desktop which is also a 3.5" (acts as my time machine) and worked fine. Today I wanted to perform a back up after a few weeks, Mac again did not recognise the hard drive. I tried plugging and unplugging the usb, each powering up and down the drive between 1 min intervals. Did this twice, still no recognition.


I thought my usb port to my mac is off, but i could plug my iphone 5 usb and the port is working. I had also plugged in a 2.5" external Buffalo mini station 1 T hard drive, mac recognised it and i was able to transfer huge files.


Am a lil lost, so apprciate some help if anyone knows what to do please.