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All my software is up to date but suddenly a couple of days ago the speaker sound became extremely low on some youtube videos - to the point where it is virually inaudible. If I go into youtube directly the sound is fine. If I launch Youtube from gmail (using firefox), or from facebook, the sound is basically non-existent. From gmail or fb if I select to view the video in youtube, the sound is still non-existant.


After searching on here I found a thread that I followed (that I unfort can't find now but the creator was Travis):

I reset PRAM, did a safe boot, and checked/repaired permissions.

There seemed to be a lot of issues when checked/repaired permissions which is worrying.


Speakers work fine with CD,


Is there something going on with Firefox?


As I said all software is up to date.


I am not a technical person but I can follow instructions to the letter!


This computer is only 4 years old, but realistically, is it just at a point where it is 'old' and I need a new one? Or is there someway of fixing this sound?



macBook Pro 2009, Mac OS X (10.6), brand new 10.6.2
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    I presume you are talking about Built-in speakers. If you are not, please post back.


    When you use gmail to launch Firefox to go to YouTube to play Videos, it is hard to decide whose soundsettings you may be dealing with.


    System preferences > Sound...


    ... has the main sound level setting. Volume is also controlled by pressing sound-up or sound-down or Mute buttons on the keyboard.


    The player you are using, such as Firefox, may have an additional setting in its Player window. If you wiggle the mouse along the bottom of the window, you may see an additional Volume control there.

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    thanks for replying.


    Yes referring to built in speakers.


    Its not firefox as exactly the same thing happens using Safari.


    yes, all speaker volumes everywhere I can think of are turned to max, I also reheck with the keyboard key,the icon at the top right of the menu bar,  and also on the video that is playing.


    Since I've spent 2 hours on this! ... I might just leave it, it is frustrating but not worth any more of my time.

    I just wondered if there was something so obvious that I was overlooking.