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I kind of hacked my way around and got my Dell U3011 to properly display RGB instead of YPbPr (or YCbCr) over a mini display port to display port cable for my MacBook Pro Retina 15"! WOOHOO! no need for that stupid $150 dual link dvi to mini displayport adapter anymore, which was incredibly flakey and sometimes the monitor turned on, and sometimes it didn't etc... lots of problems.



Download the file from:




unzip into:




It will create a new directory called:




Then reboot the system, and it should work. Go to system preferences, displays, color, and set the display profile to Color LCD.



This will *ONLY* work for the Dell u3011 and it is completely UNTESTED. Use at your OWN RISK. But you should have proper RGB colors after doing this.



Good luck!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)