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Hi. I got my very first iPhone last week, iPhone 5. Ever since I got it though I only ever get 3G up in the top left corner, it never ever says 4G, not even once. My carrier's website (I'm with Bell) says my city has 4G (but not LTE) but I read online that the iPhone 5 will only display 3G or LTE but not 4G. It's very confusing to me. Does anyone know if this is true? I know we don't have LTE in my area yet but why can't my phone at least pick up 4G? It seems strange that a phone like this is only capable of getting a signal strength from 5 years ago.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    try checking your network settings by going to settings>general>cellular and make sure the proper settings are on, if they are then go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings.

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    I turned off wifi and went into settings and made sure cellular data is turned on and LTE is even turned on even though I can't get it, then I reset network settings and when the phone came back on it still had that 3G in the corner   I am so stupid about this stuff. Do you think I need a new sim card or something? My cell company's website is no help. It tells you how to enable 4G in iOS but the date on the instructions is from two years ago so the settings it mentions aren't even in the menu anymore. I just want to know, before I go and talk (yell) with my carrier that it's not Apple's fault. But lots of people online are saying that in Canada it never displays 4G, it'll only ever say 3G or LTE but never 4G. That sounds soooo fishy to me.

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    hello Jason,
    this is not a problem, it's normal. You may not see the sign unless you are connected to the 4G. let me give you an example. if you have ever used VPN on your iPhone you may have seen the VPN sign up in the corner ( if and only if you are connected if not it won't show the sign although your VPN is on)

    So just relax and enjoy using your fresh phone

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    Another option that worked put fine for me was to, ENTER YOUR SETTINGS MODE/Tap GENERAL/TAP ABOUT/Tap NETWORK- 3G goes away now it says 4g

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    Its not been made very clear but here goes.


    O2 are waitin g for Apple to approve the network once this is completed a patch file will be released and we will be able to connect to teh o2 4g network.


    O2 have stated they will credit this months bill (4g tariffs) with £5 and you can take advanage of the downloads that you were expecting to get on 4G.


    Dont miss around with any setting etc there nothing wrong with the unit.


    It's hope we will be able to contect within the next few weeks.



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    You can't alter anything but the name of the phone in Settings/General/About/

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    I'm on EE - same problem - EE say there may be something inside the phone preventing the 4G reception and suggest I check with Apple - does anyone know if there ever was a patch issued by them?