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I'm doing a lot of chroma key work in Motion 5, and I'm trying to figure out how to export my finished clips for editing in Final Cut Pro X.


I want to take progressive AVCHD clips, shot on my DSLR camera, key them in Motion, and then export them in Interlaced, upper field first. I need to edit the clips into an old interlaced SD project.


Motion 5 doesn't seem to be able to export Progressive files to Interlaced...


Can I buy Compressor 4, then send my Motion project to Compressor to do the interlacing?


Anyone with Compressor know whether I can export a progressive clip to interlace? I don't want to waste 50 bucks buying it if it cant....




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    It can, but you need twice the frames as the ultimate frame rate to make the fields. How it will hold up with keyed material, you'll just have to find out.


    Here is an interesting discussion of using Compressor for that purpose.


    Try de-interlacing your original project, cutting in your keyed progressive clips and compare.


    Good luck.