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I've been having problems with my MDD over the past couple weeks, ranging from the inability to force quit to having very slow system reactions for basic tasks.


Now, I've probably come to the apex of frustrations within the past few hours because I've got a failing hard drive.  This particular hard drive has four partitions on it.  Of the four partitions, one of which was used primarily for video storage.  One folder in particular had about 150 GB of data in it, and the total remaining free space on this volume equaled about 2 GB.  Unfortunately, after having to perform a forced shut down, this folder now shows up as having "Zero KB for 0 items" (even though I didn't manually delete any of this folder's items), but the volume's total remaining free space is still standing 2GB.


I also think that it's important to point out that the partition this folder is on has, according to the OS, become irreparable by the computer.  As a result, this volume has become read-only, so I don't know if it's possible to access these files through as a Root User (wouldn't hurt to try).


Any thoughts or suggestions as to how I might regain access to these files -- if at all?

Dual G4 1.25 GHz, Mirror Door Drive