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I've isolated an issue in the print book function of Aperture 3 that drove me crazy in the last ten days:


I've created a custom size book to deliver to a local print service via "save as pdf" function, but something gone wrong because the quality of the pdf isn't good as the original photos.


After days of trials I've found where the problem rises up, so I'll try to explain step by step below:


I've identified one critical photos that well shows the problem and I've "printed to pdf" from the normal print photo function of Aperture and the results was correct:




So I've created a book and put that photo in a page and I've "print to pdf" the book. The results was degraded like you can see below (look at the dark areas that have lost every details):




I've done the same operation in iPhoto, the "non Pro" minor App, and in a paradoxical way the iPhoto results PDF was perfect!




I've also noticed that the preview image of the print dialog box of Aperture shows the defect unlike the dialog box of iPhoto:









iPhoto print.png



So finally seems that something in the print engine of books in Aperture is broken and ruins the photos "before" are printed, and           apparently no setting seems to help.



I've done this tials on a MacPro Lion 10.7.5 ad Aperture 3.4.3, MacBook Pro Lion 10.7.5 ad Aperture 3.4.3 and MacPro Snow Leopard with aperture 3.1 and 3.2 always with the same results.



you can download the generated PDF here:



pdf Aperture Photo:



pdf Aperture book:



pdf iPhoto book:


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 28 GB ram - ATI Radeon HD 5870
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    A note:


    The differences in the three dark images are more visibile on a calibrated screen or if printed, if you don't see  any differences try to rise the brightness of the screen.

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    I've done another test:


    I've created a sample image with 4 colour faded bars with values from 0 to 128 for RGB and gray then I've putted on a page in Aperture book and iPhoto book then I've printed on PDF.

    Below you can see the results: iPhoto is good whereas Aperture is ruined.


    iPhoto results:

    Schermata 02-2456327 alle 06.57.20.png


    Aperture results:

    Schermata 02-2456327 alle 06.55.51.png


    I've also noticed the Aperture results is influenced by the color profile chosed on the selector in the box, but no profile at all gives a good job , every profile returns a weird custom defect, also with "no profile" choice.