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Hi, just upgraded my laptop and OS from 10.6.8 - 10.8.2. Everything has migrated seemlessly apart from an old database software called Appleworks 6.

My question is, how do i retreive my database from this old software and what software can i use now as a modern replacement for Appleworks.


Please Help.



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,039 points)

    AppleWorks will not run on Mountain Lion as it is a PPC program and Rosetta - the method used to enable it to run in Snow Leopard - is not provided. I'm afraid that there is nothing which will open an AppleWorks database other than AppleWorks itself, so your only option are to be able to find a computer which will run it, to install Snow Leopard on an external drive and run AppleWorks on that, or run Snow Leopard in virtualisation and run AppleWorks on that.


    This article examines migrating from AppleWorks in some detail:



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    Hi Roger, thanks you very much and it makes compltete sense, can i ask you one more question please?

    Will the i work software enable me to open some of these old files. My wife tells me that they are almost like old word & XL spreadsheet type files.


    Does that make any sense?



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    There is a list on page 1 of that article which explains what programs can open some AppleWorks documents - basically Pages can open AW6 word processing documents and Numbers can open the spreadsheets; but there is nothing whatever which will open the databases.

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    Roger Wilmut1 wrote:


    ... or run Snow Leopard in virtualisation and run AppleWorks on that.


                                  [click on image to enlarge]


    Roger: why don't you include this link in your fine article about Appleworks...


    Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) installed into Parallels

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    The article is really about not using Appleworks, and your link is possibly a bit too technial for the intended audience. I might possibly make a mention of the general principle.

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    I assumed that was your intent when you wrote the article because you saw NO option to continue to run Appleworks in Lion (and now Mountain Lion).  Now there is an option that does not cost $600+!


    But for some people, especially the users of the database option, having the abilty to continue to run Appleworks is essential!


    Given the intended audience, I would suggest you offer them the option to install Snow Leopard Server (which is getting more and more economical on eBay) and then the option to install Snow Leopard, if cost is still an important issue for them.


    When it comes to advice about digitizing older vinyl LPs, I do not make a mention of the general principle: I link them to your article (irrespecive of the drawbacks and other issues raised by your article).


    Ultimately, you are the author and will do what you think best...

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    OK, I've added a note, and a link to the page you suggest (with a disclaimer).

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    Well done!


    It is always best to give all of the resources to the community and let them chose which one works best for them.