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    delany wrote:


    Regardless of the security implications, the way Apple has handled this is completely unacceptable and seriously calls into question my business' future with Macs.  We have essentially lost a day's work because of Apple unilaterally and without warning deciding that we are unable to make our own security decisions.  I have been unhappy with Apple's nanny-ing before but remotely disabling our ability to use software that is critical to our business must border on illegal, surely.  I am just amazed at the arrogance.

    Not illegal, not convenient but not illegal.

  • delany Level 1 (0 points)

    The issue with the 'you shouldn't be relying on Java' excuse is that my business, like most businesses, does not exist in isolation.  The fact is that, currently, many business worldwide use Java as part of their daily workflow and there is a ecosystem associated with that.  As a consultancy, we see Java used in many of our clients' remote access systems.  These are big, slow Blue Chip companies that are not changing any time soon - and so we're not changing any time soon.   Risk is assessed and decisions made based on knowledge of the business.  It's just incredibly unprofessional of Apple and another step in their increasing disregard for anyone who isn't just using their Macs to post status updates to Facebook.

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    An updated version of Java is now available which will run on Mountain Lion:


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    I am still using Intel Tiger 10.4.11 with Java 1.4.2 Update 9 (this is as far as the updates went) on an Intel Core Duo iMac (MA 200LL/A). I use both OmniWeb 5.11.2 + TenFourFox 8.0b1 (the only version of TFF that will work on an Intel Mac). Am I safe with this configuration as I see that the current Java problems are with 10.6 + above? Thanks.

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    Also forgot to mention that I am constantly running Sophos for Mac Free Edition, been using it since it came out. thanks.

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