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Problems with Clicks and Pops in Logic 9 (9.1.8 64 bit) since I upgraded to

Mountain-Lion (10.8.2) Does not really matter if I change the Buffer from 128

to 512! It is not very often but not acceptable. I made an additional

setup with external HD an installed SnowLeopard again. With this

OS-Version I can run without any problems with Buffer-Sices 128 or 64. Same

problem I had with my DUET as well. Would switch back to SL but some

of the programs I bought from Apple are not compatible with older OS

than Mountain-Lion.  I also made a complete new ML installation from

scratch with only Logic Pro 9 and the needed USB-driver for my

Yamaha-CP1 but still the same thing. I do not see any

processor-Problems. I have an iMac (Mid 2010, 2,8Gh i5, 16 Gbyte Ram,

512 Gbyte Crucial SSD) Strange thing is that if I change the amount of threads used from

"Auto"  to anything else it seems that the amount of Clicks will change for a

while. But it is not really reproducible and after a short time it reapears.  Any idea what I can do to

fix this problem? Could it be that the driver is not that stable than

it was under SL?

Apogee Support told me after some correspondence more or less, that I am the only one with this issue... ?!?!?

I already changed cables, switched to USB-Keyboard instead of bluetooth, disabled WLan, installed a 2nd Harddisk and reinstalled the OSX and LOGIC a couple of times without any effect. The only way to get the Ensemble or the Duet working ist to switch back to SL which can't be the solution as it should be fully compatilbe with Mountain Lion. At least this can be read on the support pages fom Apogee!

Is there anyone with the same kind of problems?

Logic Studio, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Apogee Duet, Ensemble