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Here's my situation:


I have a internal group of users who have permissions on folder A and all its subfolders. Now I have a external freelancer (user f) who is not alowed to see these subfolders beside this very special one, "folder B" (subfolder from "folder A"). How do I set up permissions to allow "user f" to have access to "folder B" but not to the rest of the subfolder of "folder A"?

I just don't get it. We should be able to solve this issue by using ACL and POSIX, shouldn't we?


Thanks a lot for some quick responses.

Mac mini, OS X Server, Server 10.6.8
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    I have German OS X, so maybe some names are different.


    1st you need a group for freelancers and your freelancer "f" in it.

    Then in Server Admin -> Sharing you put this group in ACL from share A.

    Choose "custom"-rights -> then expand the "read"-area and there you should see something called like "cross " or "transit folder". That's what your freelancers need -> accept and save.

    Don't forget to transfer the rights to the subfolders.

    Now you can make a new share with folder B and there you give your freelancer "f" access rights as you wish.


    Users in the freelancer group should be able to see the share A and B but not to enter it.

    Your special freelancer should see both shares, but only be able to enter share B.


    Et voila.

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    Is there a way to hide Subfolder A?  I have the same issue as above, but I'd prefer that User F not even be able to see Subfolder A.  Thank you!