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Does anyone know how to import midi files onto garageband for ipad. I am using an XP laptop at present.


Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Edgar Level 4 (2,725 points)

    You can only import GarageBand Project Files (Song FIles) and Audio Files via iTunes File Sharing into GarageBand on the iPad. Importing MIDI Files is not possible.

    However, if you really need that feature , there is a workaround. Very complicated, but doable.

    1. Import the MIDI file into GarageBand 11 on the Mac (sorry, Mac only)
    2. Save that GarageBand Project
    3. Modify the GarageBand file so it can be imported into GarageBand for iPad. Per default, you cannot open a GarageBand 11 Project File in GarageBand for iPad, even if they have the same file extension (.band). There is some information available on the internet how to surgically alter the GarageBand 11 file so it can be opened in GarageBand for iPad.
    4. Import that modified GarageBand 11 file into GarageBand iPad. Open it and copy the MIDI Region (tap on the MIDI Region and select Copy from the command strip)
    5. Now switch to the Song where you need that MIDI file, select a MIDI Track and Paste the Region (tap on the Track Lane and tap on the Paste command)

    As you can see, you really have to have those MIDI files badly to jump through all those hoops.


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    And how do you alter the GarageBand file to make it work withhold from mac Edgar?

  • Edgar Level 4 (2,725 points)

    As I said, the information is out there. I read about it but never tried it, not worth the time unless you are really desperate.