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after sleeping, or even when dtarting up the computer, my computer can shut down and restart itself without notice. any idea why? any suggestions how to check the system to find out what goes on with it?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Tell us if this is a 3,1 Early 2008


    Reset SMC


    Disconnect everything


    Safe Boot


    Try clean install of just 10.8.2 on another drive w/o anything else

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    yes! this is exactly it! early 2008. ok, so it's a knows issue. good.


    how do i reset the smc?

    how do i do safe boot?

    does it mean that my drive is failing?

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    there's another thread about this, but I don't have the time to find it now. I had the same problem with an early 2008. I cleaned it out really well and reset the RAM. It worked for 8 months without a hitch. then died a few weeks ago. Having the 3.2ghz model, it wasn't worth my buying a new logic board or power supply. Try cleaning it out really well, see if that works and keep all of your data backed up on an internal one external. I had mine on another bootable disk which saved my life. You can always borrow another computer and boot off of that. I used SuperDuper to make it bootable.


    Yours could be another issue, though. good luck.