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Jim Warthman Level 1 Level 1

My friend and I both use Aperture (3.4.3) on OSX 10.7.5.


She recently started having an issue when importing photos as referenced, with images stored on her external hard drive.


After importing, on all images she gets the red slash thru the 'referenced master' badge, indicating that Aperture cannot locate the master images. Aperture also refuses to reconnect with the master images. It's worth noting that all other images in her library are correctly "referenced" to the same external hard drive. The issue is with newly imported images.


The only solution thus far is for her to import as managed, then relocate original out to the external hard drive.


She has both repaired and rebuilt her Aperture library with no change.


She has run Disk Utility on both her external hard drive and her internal hard drive which contains her Aperture library. No errors were found.


Has anyone seen anything like this? Suggestions are welcome!

  • Thomas Emmerich Level 4 Level 4

    Have you verified file permissions on the external drive? To avoid permissions problems on an external disk, I just enable "Ignore Ownership" for the entire volume using the Get Info command for it. I do this only for non-boot data only volumes where Aperture libraries are stored. (Actually you can't do it for boot volumes anyway)


    You'd think doing the Aperture repair commands would fix this but maybe it only fixes Managed libraries and the referenced files need to be done by the Finder.

  • Jim Warthman Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, Thomas. No, we've not verified file permissions on the external drive, but we'll try your "Ignore ownership" suggestion and will report back.


    But since Aperture is perfectly capable of relocating the orignal (managed) images to that same external drive, it seems unlikely that it's a permissions problem.