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Hey guys! I'm working on demo's for a new record, and I'm using Garageband to record them (I have the '09 version, running OSX 10.6.8). I'm looking for some quality software instruments to add to Garageband (apple format, preferably). So far I have all the Apple JamPacks and I'm using the trial version of Kontakt Player (Native Instruments).


Specifically, I'm looking for quality pads and loops (my style is similar to Mat Kearney). Inexpensive and free is awesome, but I know for quality stuff that's not often the case. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

GarageBand '09, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    avshawksfan wrote:


    I'm looking for some quality software instruments to add to Garageband (apple format, preferably).


    GarageBand supports only one external plugin standard, Audio Units (AU) which is developed by Apple. Virtually all commercial plugins are available in AU, except some free, oddball ones.


    If you want the ultimate quality plugin for synth, save all your money and get "Omnisphere" from Spectrasonics. That is the gold standard.


    The other option is Zebra from u-he.com. There are a lot of amazing products from this company. Check it out


    Although I have most of the Native Instrument stuff, I'm personally not a big fan of their synth, too plastic and Fisher Price sounding. The best synth they ever released was Pro53, now discontinued.


    Also have a look at Albino, Alchemy and the product line of arturia.com. At the end, it is also a matter of personal taste, preferences (and $$$).



    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    Thank you for the reply, that helps a lot. Too bad Omnisphere doesn't seem to have a trial version. Unless I'm mistaken, all of these options seem to be geared more towards pads and effects. Any ideas on what could be good out there for quality drum loops (hip hop especially)?

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    Again, Spectrasonics has right tool, "Stylus RMX". It comes with tons of loops, you can play them as grooves or individual slices. You can import REX files. A lot of Drum Loops Libraries provide REX file format that makes it much more flexible than just use the audio loop itself.