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Dear Community,


when a new user is created with the Directory Admin Tool or with the Server App, the new user also gets an email address. Normally if one uses the Apple Webmail user interface which is based on Roundcube and one tries to write an email the identity or the mail address is shown in the "From" field. This is not the case.

So I checked the identites by clicking on "Edit identities" and no identies were shown. To solve the problem I tried to add a new identity. According to the webmail interface the new identity was saved successfully but it didn't show up in the identities field.

The only way to overcome this problem is to type in the email address in the "From" field every time the user wants to send an email. This is really annoying and I already looked at the appleoverrides.inc.php which can be found in the path /usr/share/webmail/config. The content of this file is:




$rcmail_config['include_host_config'] = true;

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = 'tls://%n';

$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = '%h';

$rcmail_config['smtp_user'] = '%u';

$rcmail_config['smtp_pass'] = '%p';

$rcmail_config['des_key'] = '123456789012345678901234';

$rcmail_config['useragent'] = 'Apple Webmail/'.RCMAIL_VERSION;

$rcmail_config['product_name'] = 'Apple Webmail';

$rcmail_config['enable_spellcheck'] = false;

$rcmail_config['mime_param_folding'] = 0;

$rcmail_config['log_driver'] = 'file';

$rcmail_config['log_dir'] = '/var/log/webmail';

$rcmail_config['temp_dir'] = '/var/webmail';

$rcmail_config['preview_pane'] = true;

$rcmail_config['identities_level'] = 0;

$rcmail_config['password_charset'] = 'UTF-8';

$rcmail_config['default_charset'] = 'UTF-8';

$rcmail_config['message_sort_order'] = 'ASC';

$rcmail_config['list_cols'] = array('flag', 'from', 'subject', 'date');

$rcmail_config['htmleditor'] = true;

// To do: some password function

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'pgsql://roundcube:roundcubemail@unix(/var/pgsql_socket)roundcubemail';

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('markasjunk', 'managesieve', 'disable_advanced_ui');

// special folder names to match those used by Mail.app

$rcmail_config['drafts_mbox'] = 'Drafts';

$rcmail_config['junk_mbox'] = 'Junk';

$rcmail_config['sent_mbox'] = 'Sent Messages';

$rcmail_config['trash_mbox'] = 'Deleted Messages';

$rcmail_config['default_imap_folders'] = array('INBOX', 'Drafts', 'Sent Messages', 'Junk', 'Deleted Messages');

$rcmail_config['create_default_folders'] = true;

// mail domain name

$rcmail_config['mail_domain'] = '%d';


So the Webmail Server is not directly the problem because it is possible to send and receive mails. So it has something to do with the Roundcube or Apple Webmail interface.


Is it possible to solve the problem with the help of the appleoverrides.inc.php file or do I have to look at the main configuration file or is there even another reason for this problem.


Thanks in advance for your reaction.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)