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hi guys. thanks.


i am getting absolutely creamed by an issue where mac mail is creating processes that are shutting down my website. i moved to hostgator because my service was frequently unavailable on this WORDPRESS hosted site/blog on APlus.net. oddly enough the conventional website in IFrames never had a problem on Aplus.net.


the blog has a .com url and the new site url (no information on it but there are emails on it) has a .nu url.


the original website is still on APlus and has a .com url (this is different from the blog and the .nu site now on hostgator).


so i have REMOVED all the .nu and blog.com EMAIL ACCOUNTS from Mac Mail and i am still getting this issue where there are apparently Mac Mail generated processes that are shutting down my site. i have tried every troubleshooting step they suggest in this article which is basically to uncheck idle and uncheck one other setting and then to take PUSH OFF on the iPhone. i have done all these. no fix.


now i am going in to REMOVE all my email accounts except iCloud account from my iPhone so i have my contacts on my iPhone.


any ideas?


can i purge mac mail somehow? can i REMOVE it?


i have just launched about ten years worth of hard work along with an announcement and having my site down is a total disaster.


BTW i do have "On My Mac" email in Mac Mail but presumably this is still on my old host.


ALSO, i am forwarding all the .com email from the old website and the old domain to a new email address on my new host with my new domain.




- jon

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