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I have a PowerBook G4 from 2005.


I opened Firefox this morning, homepage failed to load, no other pages would load - internet at full bars.


Tried Safari, same thing, nothing would load.


I erased all the cache from the HD Library (as I remember that being advise when a similar issue occured a few years ago), and restarted the computer.  Now, only certain web pages load, BUT in a prehistoric form, and at dial-up speed -- no images/graphics are able to load.  You can google search, but if you click 'image' option, it just loads blank rectangles.  It's like bare bones internet, no graphics. What might I have deleted when wiping out the cache, and how can I get full internet back?

Solved by Nick V. on Jan 31, 2013 5:12 PM Solved
No worries.  Internet's back up and running with an apology emal from the internet provider -- apparently everyone with Cox in the area was down.