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I have come to the end of a project and have tried to use the "duplicate and unused clips" workflow to copy all project data and media to a seperate hard drive.

I closed down FCPX then I moved the original media and project out of the Final Cut Event and Project folders on the original drive before restarting FCPX to check the "Archive Project".


Unfortunately I get the dreaded missing media errors including mssing events.


To clarify the situation let me explain how the final project was set-up.


1. I had several projects each with their own event Library, some projects were using from several events.

2. Each Project was then made into a Compound Clip.

3. I created a Master Project where I added the "Compund Clips" to the storyline.

4. I was able to "share" each compound clip section" as Master Files (for individual backup movies) OK so at least I have them.

5. The intention was to then create a master project archive including all the the compound clips using only the clips/media used.


It appears that the new Archive Project on Drive "B" works fine as long as I do not move any of the original events off Drive "B" but if I try to open up the Archive Project on Drive "B" with the Archived Events on Drive "B" only I get the error.  One of the missing media refers to the compound clip events.


I have also found that in several of the "orginal Media" folders there are a handfull of alis files (the actual media is still on the drives).

Guessing now but I think I need to exchange the aliases for the actual media and that may help this situation but you cannot do that directly in finder (tried it on a copy project etc).


So, in summary I can duplicate a multiple compounded clipped project based on many event folders but they don't all copy across to the duplicated events drive (especially the actual compound clips themselves)


It is I am sure easier to see than explain but any tips are welcome.



Mac OS X (10.6.8)