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Admin - ARD 3.6.1, 10.8.2 server

Clients - mix of ARD 3.6.1 and .2, and 10.7.4/5 and 10.8.2


What i would like to do is create a task, that i can assign "All Computers" and set to repeat, but it will only run against computers it hasnt successfuly run against before.


Is this doable?  I dont see any kind of options to accomplish this.  any other ideas on how i might be able to set something like this up?


(I ask as we have 0 desktops in our environment, all users are on laptops, and in and out of the office, or wifi etc, so not all systems are always available)

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Not doable.  Sorry.

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    Casper from JAMF & absulte would allow you to do perform actions one on a computer; and resend to the computers that the task fails on. There is a learning curve to both.

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    Probably the closest you could do with ARD is to use the task server. It  will sort of accomplish what you're after


    Choose packages you want to install

    Choose computers to install to

    Choose task server either on local machine or remote ( second copy of ARD required for remote task server )

    Can be scheduled


    Task server will install packages as machines comes on line

    And will only stop if task is canceled or all machines have installed the packages or if ARD task server machine

    Is turned off

    However It won 't keep trying if it gets an error with a machine

    It will just continue with the remaining machines 


    If the task fails you'll get a list of machines that it's failed on

    You'd have to create another task with those machines in