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i am getting absolutely creamed by an issue where mac mail is creating processes that are shutting down my website. i moved to hostgator because my service was frequently unavailable on this WORDPRESS hosted site/blog on APlus.net. oddly enough the conventional website in IFrames never had a problem on Aplus.net.


the blog has a .com url and the new site url (no information on it but there are emails on it) has a .nu url.


the original website is still on APlus and has a .com url (this is different from the blog and the .nu site now on hostgator).


so i have REMOVED all the .nu and blog.com EMAIL ACCOUNTS from Mac Mail and i am still getting this issue where there are apparently Mac Mail generated processes that are shutting down my site. i have tried every troubleshooting step they suggest in this article which is basically to uncheck idle and uncheck one other setting and then to take PUSH OFF on the iPhone. i have done all these. no fix.


now i am going in to REMOVE all my email accounts except iCloud account from my iPhone so i have my contacts on my iPhone.


any ideas? can i purge mac mail somehow? can i REMOVE it?


i have just launched about ten years worth of hard work along with an announcement and having my site down is a total disaster.


BTW i do have "On My Mac" email in Mac Mail but presumably this is still on my old host.


ALSO, i am forwarding all the .com email from the old website and the old domain to a new email address on my new host with my new domain.




- jon



http://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/email/outlook-eudora-thun derbird-mac-ipad-phone-client-settings

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    If you have removed from Mail all the email accounts with the same domain name as your website, I don't see how Mail can be creating any new processes in that domain. Has your site provider cancelled all the old mail processes (from when you first noticed the problem and since then)?

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    for the record this is an issue with hostgator shutting down you site if any email client allows processes to hit the server more than about 20 times.


    this means if you have a laptop and a desktop and an iphone with more than about five email accounts - signing up to host your site on hostgator will make your life very miserable (irrespective of the uninformed but trying to be helpful front line support at hostgator). actually, their front line support will cause you to lose about two weeks of your business trying to 'fix' this problem which is not in fact fixable with anything other than signing up for a plan about 10 times as much as you signed up for (and which is 10x more expensive than the plan you just moved your site from and on which you didn't have this problem...).


    word to the wise...