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getting tierd of using Apple'device

I just upgraded my iphone,I bought Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English months ago but now I can not download and install it

It is not even in my purchase list(in my PC and Device ). but just in my itunes account List.

I tried to open a ticket but it seems that I have to pay $19 for getting support to solve this problem,for the APP i aleady paid for,the resone is the APP is not available in UK apple stor while i bought it from uk apple store .

now what should I do?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    If the app is no longer available in the app store, & you didn't backup the app in your regular computer backup...you do backup, correct...then that's your fault. Support can't help you download something that doesn't exist anymore.

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    my fault?ah good?

    so I all the time have to back up to protect my APP which I paid for?interesting

    I have done this many time wihout getting back up

    this is the first time i m facing such a problem

    please give me a suggestion and if you can not help please let someone else gives me a way


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    Arsalan81 wrote:

    I have done this many time wihout getting back up



    And if you continue to not backup, I guarantee you will eventually lose all of your data, not some, all. Guaranteed.


    Good luck.

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    I know body,I asked a simple question to solve a problem and you try to acuse me for not getting a back up,jut to let you know that I have back up and I have tried a lot so far to restore the APP but does not work

    have a look at the photos i just took from my device,


    2013-01-31 18.26.30.png


    2013-01-31 18.26.01.png


    as you see it can not restore the APP