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My iphone 4s is stuck on dock connector mode, and I have never used a dock connector accesory.  I have cleaned out the port and occasionally the phone will be on iphone mode like it should be but it always resorts back to dock connector.  I have restarted the phone numerous times, put it on airplane mode for awhile, an nothing works.  The phone rings like normal but I cannot listen to music, and when I turn it on or off it doesn't make the clicking noise, has anyone had this happen or know what the solution is?  Look at the picture below.  When I took this picture the phone was plugged into the charger but even if its not charging it still says dock connector




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    Youre iPhone must of somehow got wet. What I done to fix this problem is to put the iPhone in a ziplock bag along with those stay dry DIAPER. The diaper has chemicals that can extract any moisture from the inside of your iPhone. Hope that works for you.

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    Clean the dock connector with a soft, dry brush.

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    I had the same problem and I just toggled with the charger and basically tried to pull it in and out some I tricked my iPod into thinking it was on iPhone mode and that seemed to work!

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    I run into the same problem. iPhone 4S Black, 32GB, Version 6.1.3. Tried first to reset (Home + On/Off button) the phone and after Reset All Settings as suggested by other users but they did *not* solve the problem. I could "fix" the problem by plugging an old iPod camera adapter which the phone identified as not supported but at least reverted the default audio setting back to iPhone. What is really odd is I could re-introduce the problem when I restored the configs from the back-up I made just before erasing the configs (using iTunes). My assumption is the problem was trigged by some adapter / connector (charger, data cable, external battery, etc...), became persistent in the configuration and was fixed when I used any adaptor which probably forces the audio to revert back to iPhone. Not a real diagnostic or tested fix but hope this helps someone dig a little bit more into the issue because it is really annoying.

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    My iPhone 4 will not play my usic and the volume doesnt work, how do i fix this?

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    that's what this thread is about...

    I found that plugging and unplugging the phone in to a charger or dock will fix it eventually. But it always happens again later..