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I just received a new 27 inch iMac as a replacement for my old machine, which apparently disntegrated during warranty. In setting it up, I tried to create a small partition on the hard drive to run a Linux distro for testing purposes. It seems that with the non-system disc versions of the OS this has become more complex, and what I recall as an easy process turned into a disaster where 2 of the 3 TBs on the machine are locked out as "free space". I humbly retreat from any thoughts of working with partitions on this machine - I just want to clean it up and get it to a one-partition state for music and graphic design production. I have a backup. Here is a snapshot of this nightmare:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 7.51.13 PM.jpg

I also note that at the top level, where I am used to seeing "Hitachi" (or whomever makes the hard drive) it says Macintosh HD. That can't be right?


Here is a diskutil list report:



   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER

   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *3.0 TB     disk0

   1:                        EFI                         209.7 MB   disk0s1

   2:          Apple_CoreStorage                         1.3 TB     disk0s2

   3:                 Apple_Boot Recovery HD             650.0 MB   disk0s3


   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER

   0:                  Apple_HFS Hard Drive             *1.3 TB     disk1


I want to get rid of disk1, I guess, and make disk0 correspond to the 3.0 TB physical volume, not a "Logical Volume Family".


  Name:         Macintosh HD

    Size:         1255995588608 B (1.3 TB)

    Free Space:   0 B (0 B)


    +-< Physical Volume 27B24C33-92E7-4DC1-99B0-165BF47601AE

    |   ----------------------------------------------------

    |   Index:    0

    |   Disk:     disk0s2

    |   Status:   Online

    |   Size:     1255995588608 B (1.3 TB)


    +-> Logical Volume Family 4FDA0589-59C5-4C94-AFC1-F7E82B21A450


        Encryption Status:       Unlocked

        Encryption Type:         None

        Conversion Status:       NoConversion

        Conversion Direction:    -none-

        Has Encrypted Extents:   No

        Fully Secure:            No

        Passphrase Required:     No


        +-> Logical Volume 74E89BB3-AEBF-477C-B7B0-47EE71BC5BB0


            Disk:               disk1

            Status:             Online

            Size (Total):       1255676813312 B (1.3 TB)

            Size (Converted):   -none-

            Revertible:         No

            LV Name:            Hard Drive

            Volume Name:        Hard Drive

            Content Hint:       Apple_HFS



Any thoughts? restarting to Command-R seems like it would not address the partition problem at all. I suppose I could put it in target mode and use my laptop to wipe it, but I'm not sure that would address the partitions either. I am completely comfortable with removing the built-in system recovery area if necessary, as I made a system mount on a USB stick.

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