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Okay what ever happen to plug 'n' play or rather install 'n' go?
I'm bumfuzzled.

Here's the deal. Recently, I was "gifted" a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 320GB unibody from the parents of a young Marine who was killed in Afghanistan. The parents did not want the MCP and as a family friend I was accorded the solemn honor of accepting it from them.

Here's the problem.

There was nothing but the machine when I picked it up from their house. No MagSafe AC adapter. No installation discs. No other software discs. NOTHING.

When I did attempt to boot it up, I was greeted with a LOGON screen to Win7 via BootCamp. After numerous attempts to work around this pesky hurdle -- I decided to scrub the hard drive and start fresh.

My last Mac OS experience was Tiger (10.4) on an iBook -- and that was finally petered out -- and I just have NOT been computing that much.

I am complete NOOBIE when it comes to Mac OS 10.5 -- 10.6 -- 10.7 and most definitely 10.8.

After I scrubbed the HD -- I noticed that this "new-to-me" screen of Mac OS X Utilities was made available and that it instructs me to REINSTALL a new copy of "Lion" {10.7}. I clicked through. A drop down says that:

"to download and restore, your computer's ELIGIBILITY will be verified with Apple"


After I clicked "continue" -- a spinning wheel comes up and it says

"loading installation information"

And it stayed in that state of NO GO ANYWHERE for half the day.


So I called about and it was suggested that I get OS 10.6 {Snow Leopard} installed FIRST -- and then MIGRATE UP from Lion and then to 10.8 .

That sounded like a plan to me.

So, I ordered Snow Leopard from Apple. And then the head scratching had now really begun in earnest.


I have inserted the disc in the Optical Drive numerous times now. Clicked install.


No wheel of progress. NOTHING.

What happened?? What ever happened to "ease of use"?

Am I doing something wrong.


Addendum. I have drilled down into the machine via Time Machine restore screen into the the Mac OS X Installer utility app to the "System Information" {what to my Old School eyes appears to be what I would have gotten from "About This Mac" or the "Profiler"}

And there I find that the machine is currently holding a base OS of 10.7.2!!




Does anybody have any suggestions?? PLEASE??

This ain't supposed to be this complicated. It's a Mac for chrissakes!! HELP ME!!


Wow -- it's been over six years since I was here last with a question!!

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    Insert the SL disk in the optical drive and reboot while holding down the 'c' key. Then do an Erase & Install. Set up the Mac with your info. Then update to SL 10.6.8 by launching Software Update. If you want to upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8 you may do so by purchasing in from the App Store.

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    Thanks sig for the response.

    Well -- I am STILL bummed. Yes I have loaded the Snow Leopard in the drive. Just now twice. The first time from sleep mode -- then a RESTART with "C" key held down. Grey Apple on greyscale screen. No progress wheel.  NOTHING.

    Next -- shut down the MacBook.

    Turn it on with "C" key held down. Again grey Apple!!! No progress indication. NOTHING!!!

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    It's possible you need the system dics that originally came with the computer.  These are different from the universal installer discs.  To order replacement system discs - call Apple's Customer Support - US (800) 767-2775 for a nominal fee. You'll need to have the model and serial number of your Mac available.













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    Now - shut down machine.

    Turn it on with "alt/option" key held down. DISC does mount on greyscale FINDER to the side of the "Recovery HD"

    Clicked on arrow below DISC icon.

    NOTHING. Again I am looking at grey Apple on greyscale desktop. Huh???

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    Thanks CMCSK. Another nominal fee? OMGawd. This is crazy. I will try to post this in the OS community also just to "see" if there is more quicker and more efficient fix.

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    Multiple problems...


    1) The machine shipped with Snow Leopard (10.6), but now apparently has Lion on it (10.7). That copy of Lion is registered to the previous owner's Apple ID, which will prevent you from reinstalling it without having access to his Apple ID. So you've got to go back to Snow Leopard to start with.


    2) Sounds like you bought a retail Snow Leopard disk. Although I myself have a 2010 MBP, I cannot for the life of me recall what version of Snow Leopard was installed on it, and I'm away from home so I can't check the disks. But, if it shipped with a system newer than 10.6.3 (which is what is on the retail disk), you probably can't use the retail disk. So you need the original install disks that CMCSK referred you to. (Besides which, those disks are the only way to get the iLife apps without purchasing them individually in the App Store, which is a significantly greater expense.)


    3) Problem is, I would expect the computer to fail to boot from that disk more gracefully, telling you that it can't boot from that system rather than just giving you a gray screen for as long as you have patience to stare at it. This may mean that the machine has hardware issues. If you have an Apple Store nearby, I would recommend making an appointment with the Genius Bar. They can run diagnostics on it before you spend any more money on system disks.


    4) Once you've got a working Snow Leopard system on it, assuming it doesn't have hardware issues, you can (if you choose) jump straight to Mountain Lion. Just be aware that it requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, and I'd say a more realistic minimum is 4 GB. With 8 GB, you'd be sitting pretty. Keep that in mind before upgrading. (Also, if you upgrade past Snow Leopard, you probably won't be able to use at least some of the old software you may have sitting around from your old Tiger system.)

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    Although I myself have a 2010 MBP, I cannot for the life of me recall what version of Snow Leopard was installed on it, and I'm away from home so I can't check the disks.


    According to Mac OS X versions (builds) for computers either 10.6.3 or 10.6.4.











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    Uhhh -- and so this is "ease of use"??? Shucks, let's go back to OS 8 and extension conflicts!!!

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    I'm not sure that I understand what's got you so hot under the collar... Get the disks the machine shipped with, don't screw around with other disks that may not work, and consider that it may have hardware issues. That seems like pretty much system installation 101. Why is a free computer getting you so upset? If the difficulty is more about the memories of the former owner causing grief, perhaps passing the machine on to a charity in the name of the young man who was killed would be a wise idea.

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    Thanks guys -- really.

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    Oh Dios Mio!

    Well, I called Apple Customer Support at 1.800.767.2775 -- spoke with "Tim"

    Uhhh -- there are NO system installation discs which Apple, Inc can send me.

    The ONLY software "answer" is the retail 10.6.3 Snow Leopard single disc which is the product that I already have. And which is the disc which will NOT load.

    "Tim" had NO other answers. He acknowledged that he had heard of this before. But he admitted that he did NOT know what could be done.


    {throws up hands in resignation and walks off the stage}