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iTunes match what a great idea, all my music in the cloud for less than the price of a meal in a fairly decent restuarant each year, no more having to fiddle with external harddrives that break down...Well that's what I thought, until I started using it 5 months ago...


My CD collection I painstaking transferred onto external hard drive in WAV format as I didn't like the alternatives, 1 TB, around 23000 tunes, 1000 cds


iTunes doesnt do a great job with album art, I've tried to have it automatically update my artwork, but it doesn't have most of my CDs and seems to randomly "lose" artwork for reasons best beknown to itself. So conclusion I reached is manage my own archive of Album art which I downloaded from allcdcovers, discogs and google images.


My first problem with iTunes match was how long it took to work with my 23000 WAV files. I eventually went through the labourious task of converting all my WAV files to Apple Lossless as this seemed a good alternative, the space taken up now reduced to around 50%.


iTunes match goes through a three step process 1. Gathering, 2 Matching and 3 Uploading ... Step 1, not really any problems here


Step 2, first part of this the matching fair enough I have 13583 track matched out of my 23000. Second part of this is to try to match unmatched songs, well this takes a lot of CPU and time depending on the number of tracks, we're talking hours here, on a slow machine longer. This process is repeated again from the start every time you restart (or itunes crashes or itunes decides that you don't have internet connection or itunes decides it's going to give up on retries)


Over the last 5 months through sheer persistence I've managed to upload some 6121 songs of today. Obvious tracks that are already matched or uploaded are taken off the total that itunes "must" rescan each time to check just in case I presume that Apple have added "Pete Tong's Essential Selection Winter 1997" to their shop.


The biggest problem is that iTunes crashes on Step 3, the uploading, randomly maybe I get 3 songs uploaded in one session, maybe 13, maybe 30 but it will crash usually sooner rather than later. Then I have to respond to a message telling me itunes has crashed and manually restart itunes, check that it's working on itunes match. This happens quite a few times every day, and obviously when I am away from my computer or asleep I can't restart it.


So I have to wait around 2 hours for itunes to try to match the songs which it's already tried for the 300th time. Then I get a few songs uploaded before iTunes crashes again and have to repeat the whole process, again and again and again. By my estimates it will probably be a year of sitting at my computer, plus all the power consumed, what a waste of time and energy for as far as I can see badly designed and written software.


I posted some feedback to Apple because I kept on getting network timeouts, since then this seems to have improved, so I am getting maybe 100 songs a day when I sit at the computer all day, as opposed to 15.


The two main problems are PROBLEM 1 - the re-checking of already checked songs, why re-check 4000 songs that were checked only maximum 2 hours ago, no point. That process only needs to be done once, OK, we've checked these 4000 songs, now we need to upload them as iTunes store doesnt hold. If someone really concerned about storage space, they could be rechecked at the end of the whole process and uploaded songs found to be matched could be removed from icloud.


PROBLEM 2 - the crashing of itunes/itunes match on Windows platform when uploading, why, I have tried Vista laptop same problem, I have tried the other laptop Windows 7 32 bit, same problem and my desktop Windows 7 x64 same problem.


These problems have meant that my time, effort and money has to be consistently thrown at this problem, which should have been an enhancement in my life but actually it's having an expensive negative impact.


Of growing concern is the 184 tracks that I now dont have an itunes cloud status for, and doesnt appear to be anyway to change this. The right click menu doesnt give any clues. Anyway, I'm not worrying about that until the remaining 3000 or so tracks have been uploaded.


PROBLEM 1 solution, already outlined, don't recheck already checked songs, not at least until the match process has concluded all steps.


PROBLEM 2 solution, Apple developers fix the bug.


Supplimental, enhance network handling, for instance the network timeout error I just had, I don't really need a dialogue box that I have to repsond to, just wait a few minutes try again. If you have to give me a box, then give me an option to manage the timeout settings and how many retries.


Easy you'd think ? Evidently not easy for Apple...


My advice to anyone with a large CD collection who cares about their music and is considering iTunes/iTunes match starting from scratch is consider the alternatives very carefully to commiting. If you have the money, also consider repurchasing your music collection in the itunes store and giving the CDs to charity.


If you must use iTunes/iTunes match, then


1. Carefully consider using 256kb aac files as opposed to lossless or WAV, this will speed up the process as no conversion neccessary for match, and may possibly avoid the crashing problem.


2. Switch on Match as early as possible in the transferring your CDs as possible, do not transfer all your CDs then switch on match this will waste a lot of time and money in wasted electricity. By switching on match early, that way you'll be uploading at the same time as transferring.


2. Don't bother with itunes for artwork, download it and manage it yourself.




A very very frustrated iTunes match user.

iTunes Match, Windows 7
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    Dear Apple,


    Our sailing friend (Tabernacle) has made some exstremly valid points here, which until get answered by you, will mean I will not be using your service in the way Tabernacle is trying to and the way I would like to.


    My music library is almost identicle in format and size.


    Shall await your commentary before proceeding.

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    I had the same problem as you did before, at the begining more than a year ago when iTunes Match was released, but don't worry, it finally finished uploading my library a month or more later, after that i was so happy using the service and having my music in iCloud and in all my devices, till a week ago that suddenly my music in itunes un my macbook is just not showed, dissapeared,i tried turning on and off itunes matchm genius, re installing OS X but nothing seems to work, i only can see it using my iphone, i have more than 25,000 songs in my iTunes Match account in iCloud, so that means i can't add more, but i can't even visualize them in my macbook, so i can't delete o edit my library from iCloud either.


    So wait cause it gets worse.


    A seriously ****** OFF iTunes Match user.

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    Appears I finally found a solution after pulling most of my hair out, trying everything I could think of ...


    As for messages on PC "network error" and itunes crashing, it's possible to use a program called PTFB Pro to restart itunes, to respond automatically with "OK" to the message boxes that prevent match from continuing...I thought this now I had a solution was just a matter of waiting for it to finish...but no, now it got stuck, just checks the songs for the 1000th time, says it's uploading then crashes ...great


    So in complete desperation I installed a VMWare version of OSX from the Soul Dev team. I had to fiddle with this also, a lot of work (partly because my processor is AMD), but now it seems that OSX/itunes is actually uploading my songs ...never have I had such a long run of songs uploaded...yay! thanks soul dev team!


    So my solution was run itunes on OSX in a WMWare Virtual machine...itunes library was/is attached as a network share smb://machine_name in OSX ...


    My last resort would have been to buy a Mac...but seems I have avoided the expense, happy days !


    Why Apple dont fix these problems on PC platform I just can't figure out, those of you who believe in conspiracies might think this is a ploy by apple to get you to buy a mac, which I did consider...however I don't like being tricked or fooled, and shoddy software is really something I didn't expect from apple, so no I won't be buying a mac and I am considering selling my ipad and iphone in favour of android...so all this effort may just have been in vain


    Anyway, hopefully my months of problems with match is almost over...if it breaks again, I post update later...

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    iTunes Match is a huge disappointment. Crash after crash, glitch after glitch. Maybe it works if you have 10 songs, but not 10,000. Maybe it works on Mac but not Windows 7. You would think Apple could get it right. For now, it's back to storing music files on external drives. Waiting for another company to get it right...

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    Just for your information, you have the same problem on a Mac. I am experiencing exactly the same thing on a Macbook Air.


    iTunes is a bad software full of bugs and iTunes match is a failure. I am sure it is great when everything is done.

    Too bad you have to stay in front of your computer for a month to upload your music collection because Apple can't develop simple things and develop stupid things too.


    I am still trying to upload my collection (~6500 songs) after 2 weeks.