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In my environment I have the following scenario.


     - Several apple computers are running ML in my network. All of these mashines are configured to use time mashine to do backups to the same set of time capsules.


     - I do use 3 (three) time capsules for backup. One is always stationary, while the 2 others are exchanged in a fixed interval (a couple of weeks). One

        time capsule is always at an external place. The plan is to have a a maximum data loss of a couple of weeks.


Everything is almost running fine. Every hour time mashine is doing backup up to a different disk. The missing time capsule is skipped. But over the sudden

sometimes a time mashine dialog appears, telling me that it could not backup for so many days because the backup disk is missing. The problem is,

there will be no further backup until this dialog is ackknowledged.


I have no idea what situation will trigger this event. I do fear that my unattended server will stop backing up and I do not realize it. Or is this triggered by

some application program which interacts with time mashine?


Any comments are welcome.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Is each of the Macs backing up to all the TC's?

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    Yes, all of the Macs are backing up to the same three TC's. None is complaining about the missing TC. But ...

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    I haven't heard of this issue before, but if it's as you describe, I see no way of avoiding it without changing your approach.


    Making redundant and off-site backups is good, but diversifying your backup strategies would be better. You shouldn't rely completely on Time Machine. Network backups of any kind are less reliable than backups to a locally-attached storage device. Rather than rotating one of your Time Capsules off site, I suggest you use a cloud-backed application. The one I use is called "Arq," but there are others that may work just as well. You should also connect a backup drive to each of your servers.

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    You are right, it is good to have diversive backup strategies. I do have others as well - but this is a diffrent story.


    I am wondering: am I the only one who uses multiple TC's with one TM?


    It is normal bahaviour, that if one backup disk could not be found, TM will use next one. The question is, what

    causes TM to complain about a missing disk and stating that there was no backup for say 10 days. The last

    successful backup is one hour old. In 99,9% it is working as expected, but once and a while this behavior is showing up.


    I am curious to find out if it is a bug in TM or some combination with other programs.

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    It's normal for TM to warn if there has been no backup for 10 days. I haven't seen a report from anyone who does what you do, but if TM stops backing up when other devices are available, I'd call that a bug.

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    I looks that it actually takes 2 weeks until this warning shows up. No problem with the warning, but the

    dialog should not be modal.


    I will file a bug with Apple.