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Ok I think this month has been the worst month of my life. My Mac Pro showed me the gray screen with a question mark on it. I took it to the apple store and they told me NOTHING  can be done for me other then install a new hard drive ( so untill today 2 weeks ago I am still trying to retrieve my photos from my hard drive I took it to a place where they asked for $6K to do that ) I installed a new hard drive last week and installed every thing I need and yesterday in the morning my computer gave me the ORDER to shut downwith that dark gray screen with many different languages so I obeyed the MAC I shut down and turned it back on, then later that same night it told me to shut down again so I did and just NOW when I went to turn it on it got stuck on the GRAY screen. WHAT is happening? my comp. is on  10.6.8 can someone plse help me. I am LOST. ever since I bought this computer I had my main hard drive changed twice and my power supply was changed 1 year and half to 2 yrs ago.

Mac Pro bought on Sep. 2006, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    The Directory on the Hard drive can get messed up. In 10.4, the cleanest way to deal with that is to boot from the Installer DVD, but do not Install. Wait a quarter minute for the menuBar to be drawn, then choose Disk Utility off the Menu.


    Chose your Hard drive by Hardware_name and ( Repair Disk ).


    When you are done, choose Set Starup Disk, and use it to set your startup disk and then Restart.