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Hi. I have a mac mini MC815BZ/A which has a built-in mic, but when I enter on garage band the program says that there are none "integrated MIDI in". Also, all the system doesn`t detect the presence of a integrated mic. But it's not all the problem: when I connect an external mic the system doesn't detect it. Is it possible that the hardware related to sound is broken? Or... Is it possible that the driver isn't working?

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    Do you mean it dosnt show in MIDi Setup???


    Long shot, but...

    Open Audio Midi Setup in Applications>Utilities, see the input & output options & KHz setting there, some things will change it for their own use, then not set it back.

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    That's what is in "Applications > Utilities > Audio Midi Setup" (sorry, the language, but "entrada integrada" = built-in mic; "fonte" = source; "entrada de linha" = line-in; "principal" = main; "mudo" = mute; "saída integrada" = built-in line-out):

    midi setup.jpg

    At garage band preferences it says: "Estado do MIDI: 0 entrada(s) MIDI detectada(s)", id est, MIDI status: 0 line-in MIDI detected.

    garage band.jpg

    Clearer now?

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    Thanks, and in the first pic, Volume>Principal cannot be moved to tthe right?

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    BDAqua. Thank you very much for your concern about my problem, but I just solved it! Or better, an Apple technician helped me. It was just a misunderstanding. There is no built-in mic in a mac mini, but an audio-in ("entrada de áudio") and and audio-out ("saída de áudio").




    One cannot insert a simple microphone on the audio-in, but a mic with four stripes, like nokia's cellphones:




    Once you connect such a phone on the audio-out hole, you'll be able to both listen and speak throught the headset.

    After that, my "Applications> Utilities > Audio midi setup" showed a new section called "microfone integrado", i.e. integrated mic:


    Sem Título.jpg

    Hence, I was able to move "principal" to the right.


    Besides that, I could not tet skype capturing my voice... But I think it's subject for a new topic.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Good work, thanks for the report... I was wondering about the Mini not having Internal Mic, but failed to look up the model you listed!