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I have a 27" iMac i7 with OSX 10.8.2. I am running Logic Pro 9.1.8. I have a suite of East-West plugins, but the one that is all-of-a-sudden giving me problems is the Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus (EWSOP) I have assigned that plugin to a track in my project and when Logic goes to load the instance of EWSOP, I get a license validation error from the EWSOP plugin, and the plugin load fails.


I have been using this setup for months now, and everything worked fine up until 2 days ago. I updated all of the E-W software, I updated all of the iLok software and drivers, I triple-checked my licenses on my iLok key. I even ran a E-W supplied program that supposedly fixes permission problems with their database. Everything is as it is supposed to be, and like I said, everything worked fine up until 2 days ago. Nothing I have done has fixed the problem.


I opened a ticket with East-West, and in addition to being pretty much useless, they tell me that there have been load/licensing errors reported to them by users of Logic 9.1.8. They are doing what most software vendors have done for decades: Looking for a way out of dealing with the problem.


Has anybody out there running their plugs with Logic 9.1.8 run into this? Have you found a solution?