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Lately Safari has been crashing on a quite regular basis. I've rebuilt it numerous times and that doesn't seem to be fixing the problem.


Also having Java issues as well. Where a site will tell me I have to install it and have it checked off in Safari preferences, blah, blah., which I do.


I'm at a loss ... I love Safari and I don't understand why I'm having so many issues with it.


Am I alone? 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Really?  22 views and no comments. I guess I am alone.

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    Probably not the greatest help you will get but one or two basic checks to make.


    Do you have the right version of Safari for the OS you use.


    Safari can be a memory hogg.   Do you have a healthy amount of memory,


    Is your ISP reliable.

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    Please post a copy of the latest crash report:


    Go to your Applications Folder and open your Utilities Folder. Open the application Console.


    In the left-hand column, click on Crash Reporter.


    Click on the small triangle under Crash Reporter in the l/h column and they will all be listed.


    Scroll down to the latest Safari report and click on it.


    Now click on the r/h column (which now only shows THAT crash report and then Command-a to copy it all.


    Come back here and Command-v it to post it here!


    As for Java, this has been disabled by Apple becuase of the security risks.

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    I was just at the Target website trying to print coupons and there is a big notice that "Apple has chosen to block Java from working with certain versions of their operating system".  That's what's causing the Safari problems. I would like to go on the record as objecting to this move, as I rely on being able to print coupons to feed my family. Most printable coupons run from a java script, and by blocking java Apple is costing me money.  I object most strenuously to this change in the OS.

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    Also, this evidently just happened in the past few days...

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    Where to send product feedback to Apple:



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    Note that Safari crashes a lot when I'm on Pogo (that site seems to have a lot of problems), but it's also happening at other seemingly random times - I can count on it crashing at least once a day, if not more.


    Rebuilding on a regular basis doesn't seem to be doing much good.


    I am no also aware of the Java issues and fixes/updates. At the time I posted this I wasn't aware of the Java scare.

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    Yes to all your questions.

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    The reason that threadjacking is frowned on (as mentioned in the terms use which you can read by clicking the link to the right on this page) is for the most part a practical one:


    By starting your own thread your problem can get individual attention, focussed on your particular set of circumstances.


    By joining somebody else's thread it becomes tricky to answer more than one question at the same time, and can lead to confusion for both parties.


    So if you don't mind the minor inconvenience, please start your own thread so we can get to grips with your particular problem!

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    I have no idea what you're referring to  ...  this is my own thread.


    Ah, but now I see that I have two identities ... for some reason at some point, Apple messed me up on these forums - GGPP and mtngigi are one and the same person (no, I don't have a split personality).


    I've been meaning to get this straitened out with Apple. Rest assured there is no highjacking going on.


    p.s. And I can't figure out who to ask to help me "become one with myself".


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    Is there anyone else that can help with the crash report it was suggested I post?


    I don't know how to read them.


    Yes - GGPP and mtngigi are the same person, even though Klaus thinks1 otherwise - there is no thread highjacking going on here.