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This is for PC, not Mac, in case I wasn't clear.

Windows XP
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    Where did you move it to?


    The way I would recommend you move a libray is to move the entire iTunes folder from its usual starting place of <User's Music>\iTunes to X:\iTunes where X: is the drive you want the library to live on. You then hold down shift as you start iTunes and keep holding until asked to choose or create a library. Click choose and browse to X:\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl.


    If you've already moved the media folder there is no reason why you can't move the iTunes folder as suggested, move the media folder inside it, and then shift start iTunes. It should fix the problem.



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    Sorry - had to leave my laptop and now have only just found out how to get to where I am right now.  Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.  I hope to be able to try what you have suggested over the weekend.  For your info, I move my Itunes media folder to an external hard drive because my old laptop ran out of disk space.