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Hi - I'm probably missing a really simple fix here... but when using ichat, my Smileys (emoticons) are not being displayed as a graphic.  they are displayed as keystrokes.  Both when I recieve a message or am sent a message.  Any thoughts?



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    Never Mind, andwered my own question.  Somehow I de-selected View>Messages>Show/Hide Smileys. 


    And now we all know.



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    This may not be the only cause for other readers.


    Around late iChat 2 add on Smiley Packs tended to be introduced.

    These could cause iChat not to work and not display the Smileys

    The cause in this case is that both ends have to have the same Smiley Pack.


    Ryan M.'s User Tip on removing and Replacing iChat to "fix" the the issue.

    Generic iChat 3, 4 and 5 version of the same info.


    There have been reports of the Smiley's folder within iChat getting corrupt but this is really rare and the above reinstall methods will sort it.  (Basically there is a .plist file that holds the keystroke listing and it loses the ablitly to match text with pics)



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    Depending on your version, you might instead need to go to Edit>Substitutions>Emoji