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I have an ibook g3. i have an old version of microsoft office X. I tried to upgrade, but now it is asking for the  CD key. this mac is so old, I can't even find the CD that came with it. How do I retrieve the CD key so that I can use microsoft work and the other applications.

iBook, iOS 4.1, G3
  • bund Level 3 Level 3

    Sometimes  update installers offer three options:

    - place the original CD of the old version in the DVD Drive

    - type in the CD key of the old version

    - manually locate the the installed version on you HD via file manager


    If the CD Key is the only option and you havn't got one, you're stuck.

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    You maybe best to contact Microsoft and ask if a product key can be supplied. Your disk should have a serial number, they can use that to identify authenticity with some disks. They may charge a fee for this or due to it being old software, they may not be able to help. Without the product key code there really isn't much you can do. You can't upgrade or install a version of Office without the product key code.


    Your only other alternative is to install Open Office for PPC Mac.

    Open Office will open and edit Microsoft Office files.




    Select the correct install for your version of Mac OS X.


    Bets of luck