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I just signed onto itunes on a new computer. I opened home share and don't see all of my music. I have some, but no way to get to what is on my vintage computer that I'm giving up on. Could it be because the old computer is too old? Help.

iPod nano (6th generation), Windows XP
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    What version of windows and itunes are you using on the old machine.


    or What OS and itunes are you using on a mac

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    Hi, the old computer is XP, the new computer, also Windows, is Windows 7. There is no house icon or share pull down menu on either version of iTunes.


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    The old iTunes is version 10. Sorry, I misread your question before.

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    It should work.


    Ctrl S to get the sidebar back in the new itunesThen they look similar

    Ctrl B to show top menu



    In itunes 11 to turn on Home Sharing


    File > Home Sharing > Create Home Share


    Enter the apple id and password


    in iTunes 10 Advanced > Create Home Share


    Enter the same apple id as above. It does not matter what Apple ID they are lofgged into itunes store with


    On each machine you should now see a house shaped icon showing the other machines library under Shared in the left hand sidebar.


    If the 2 machines use different Apple ID to purchase from itunes you need to authorise each machine with the other account. If it is the same ignore this


    Then you should be able to select the library from the other machine and import.


    I have just checked this on a machine with iTunes 11 on it and another one with iTunes 10.7

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    Thanks! It works. I also updated itunes on the old computer.

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    Excellent glad it is all working