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I subscribed to iTunes Match either Jan. 2nd or 3rd. I have almost 5,000 songs and it is STILL trying to match my songs. It has been saying that there are only 90 songs left for a week now. It says that it's "Waiting for Apple to deliver your iTunes Match results..." then says it's delivering them, and restarts. It's not like I have songs that have never been heard of before, they are all from CD's that I have physically imported into my library. Is anyone else having this problem or a problem similar to this? Any suggestions what the deal is?

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    Try deleting the tracks that are still waiting. Do not move to trash. Sign out if iTunes Store/ match, restart iTunes, sign back in and run match. Select add this computer if prompted. Let process complete.


    Next gradually add back the deleted tracks. If you still have the CD's you could re-rip them at a good quality - at least 256 Kbps AAC.


    Quite often the problem is with at least one track that match does not like - corrupted file?