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Just wondering if I can hook up my time capsule to a wifi extender which has usb port. I don't want my back up to be in the same room as the computers which is set up with the modem.


I am using the Time Capsule as a wireless back up for multiple computers and it makes sense to me that I dont have the back up in the same room as the computers. I would like to hide the back up device in another room. The modem needs to be in the same room as the computers due to the phone point and also to have the strongest signal directly to the computers.


In anticipation, thank you for all your help!

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    Just wondering if I can hook up my time capsule to a wifi extender which has usb port


    Sorry but no.  The USB port on the Time Capsule is for an attached hard drive for additional storage....or a printer.


    Connect the Time Capsule using a wired Ethernet connection from one of the LAN <-> ports on your router or extender to the WAN port on the Time Capsule. If you don't need for the Time Capsule to provide a wireless signal, you can turn the wireless off and use it strictly as a backup hard drive.

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    This is probably the wrong thread but the thread i read from you in regards to Verizon FIOS and Time Capsule was about 2 years old - regarding your Jan 10 post, some of the features you mentioned I dont see available on my Time Capsule now. I apologize for the poor forum protocol.


    Issue: My connection to the Wi-Fi Network is dropping in and out. This is especially a problem when I use Windows 7on Bootcamp, but also an issue when I use the Mac OS X Version 10.7.5. So what happens is I'm connected to my Wi-Fi network, everything is great and then it drops the wi-fi connection and it starts to search endlessly for the network. The only way i have found to solve this problem is delete it as my default connection, have the computer refind the network and then join it again. This happened 3 times in a span of 30 minutes.


    Set Up - I turned off the radio on my Verizon FIOS wireless router. I hooked up the Time Capsule to the Verizon FIOS router - LAN 1 (Verizon) to WAN (Time Capsule). Time Capsule Router Mode Off ( Bridge mode). Connect using: DHCP.


    Question: What is the difference between dhcp vs static connection? Since the time capsule is set up to the verizon router with a ethernet cable, do i need a static connection to prevent the wireless network from dropping and then searching and then not finding.


    Thanks again for your help and sorry for breaking into another thread, tearing my hair out.



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    Mac OS X



    I see no obvious reason that you need to connect your TC to an WiFi Extender.  Why don't you just connect the TC to the WiFi router like a WiFi Extender does?  In Airport Utiltiy 5.6 and 6.0, you can set up the TC as an WiFi Extender already.  After running Airport Utility 6.0, next to Base Station and Internet, go into Wireless and change Network Mode to Extend a Wireless Network.

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    Ivan H- that only works with two Apple routers so no ISP or third party routers.

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    Mac OS X

    Edex67, Where did it specify?


    27duke, If a WiFi Extender with GigE ports behaves the same as a WiFi router, then my config should work in yours.


    I have a modem with its own DHCP and NAT.  The modem's GigE port connects to a Belkin N750 dual band WiFi router's WAN port.  The Belkin N750 has its own DHCP and NAT.


    Occasional, I connect an Apple Time Capsule (v 7.6.1) from its WAN port to one of the Belkin N750 GigE port. 


    From AirPort Utility:

    The Apple Time Capsule has Double NAT error that I choose to ignore;

    Internet is Connect Using DHCP;

    Wireless Network Mode: Create a wireless network; and Wireless Options... I have checked the 5GHz network name;

    Network Router Mode: I use either Bridge (off) mode, or DHCP and NAT mode.


    The settings of the Time Capsule are far from perfect, but the TC is functioning.


    Can it work on your WiFi extender?