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My audio books are missing from my iTouch since the last software upgrade.  I spent an hour on the phone with Apple, including with a supervisor who had remote access into my computer.  We could see the audio books, went through all settings and no matter what we did, including setting up each book as its own playlist, nothing worked and she gave up.  Recommended I go into a nearby store so I did.  They referred me to iTunes Store Support.  I emailed, they responded asking me to send the order numbers of the missing books.  I went through 200 emails to find them all and listed them in an email back, four days ago and have heard nothing back at all.  Contacted the original customer supervisor who tried to help me and she told me to send her the list of order numbers and she would see what she could do.  Sent those to her and nothing since.  Emailed iTunes Support again this morning, referencing the original ticket number, got the automated response, and now waiting to hear back from them.  What is going on?  It's $108 worth of audio books that people are failing to respond to me about, and there are more but my emails don't go back that far (pre-2008).  Where do I go to file an official complaint agains the company?

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