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i've installed the last version of itunes but it doesn't work, it cannot  access to the itunes store,i've tried all solutions in "support" tab in the official site of Apple, but it didn't work. please, for God sake, someone help me ,thanks

iPhone 5, Windows 7
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    Is iTunes endlessly saying "Accessing iTunes Store"? Or is something a bit different going on?

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    yes , just saying "Accsessing iTunes Store"

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    Many thanks.


    With those symptoms, I'd try the following document:


    Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store


    (If there's a SpeedBit LSP showing up in Autoruns, it's usually best to just uninstall your SpeedBit Video Accelerator.)

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    i followed your instructions, and the problem still remains

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    Are there any Winsock providers (other than the Bonjour one(s)) being shown in the tab in Autoruns? If so, what are their names? (Precise spelling, please.)

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    i just uninstalled iTunes from my laptop cause it had driven me creasy, and then there is no any name in the Winsock providers, even Bonjour...  .I then downloaded one of the previous versions of iTunes(i think it was iTunes 10.5) but it didn't work again and whenever i tried to open the program, this message appeared on screen: THE FILE"iTunes Library.iTl" CANNOT BE READ BECAUSE IT WAS CREATED BY A NEWER VERSION OF iTUNES. what was i supposed to do then? i uninstulled it again. now i'm desperate and don't know what to do.

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    and then there is no any name in the Winsock providers, even Bonjour...


    Okay. We might be looking at damage to the Winsock key(s) rather than a conflict, then.


    If that's what is afoot, we might be able to clear the key(s) manually.


    Let's try wiclee's instructions from the following post:


    Re: i cannot connect to itunes on my laptop

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    again i download iTunes and in Autorun, Winsock providers, this names appears;   HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\ WinSock2\Parameters\Name Space_Catalog5\Catalog_Entries