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I've had my server setup and running for awhile now and its working fairly well for the first time in months.


However, when trying to enable Profile manager, I got this error:

The error occurred while processing a command of type 'exportIdentity' in plug-in 'servermgr_certs'.


I've had OD up and runnig for awhile and the system made its typical OpenDirectory Intermediate CA as part of that process.


But in addition to the above error, when I go to profile manager, no certificate shows up.  Any ideas how to fix this error?

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    I'm running into the same problem.  I upgraded an Open Directory server from 10.6.8 to 10.8.2.  I'm running the latest version of Server.app.  I have a valid code signing certificate from DigiCert.  When I try to import it I get errors and now when I open up the Profile Manager service I receive the error "'exportidentity' in plug-in 'servermgr_certs'".  I can only choose a self-signed cert and even with that chosen I still receive that error.

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    I ended up reinstalling server (by resetting all the settings) and then its worked fine.  strange.