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Hi all,

Just recently bought a new Airport Extreme (5th Gen) and am having an issue. It seems that after my iMac (2008) is woken after sleeping, i cannot get an internet connection until about a minute after being woken. I am connected to my Airport Extreme via Ethernet cable and the Airport Extreme is connected to a Netcomm NB16WV Voip modem via Ethernet also. The internet connection is stable.I have the Airport Extreme on DHCP and NAT setting and the NB16WV just doing the VOIP and modem.If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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    Not to sure how to edit, so here is an update, it almost seems as it if takes time for the Airport Extreme to talk to the modem to start information flow. Not necessarily from waking but all the time. Ihave DMZ the airport extreme through the modem.

    Thanks again.