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I have a gateway router-modem and the password is less then 8 characters.  Is there some way around this limitation?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hmmm, only info I have, & doesn't seem related, is...


    Fix for 8-char password limit in OS X

    Benefits of installing the Microsoft User Authentication (UAM) module

    • Allows passwords up to 64 characters (No 8-character


    • Allows case sensitive passwords.

    • Strong 128 bit NTLMv2 encryption.

    Note: Minimum install for this module is for a PowerPC G3 running OS X.1 or X.2. You will need your Macintosh admin password to do this installation.




    Can you describe the problem better?

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    I don't know how I can describe this better.  I have a gateway SBG900 that's factory password is "router"  (That's what they told us!)  When I go to the AirPort and turn it on, I can't even type that in.

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    It doesn't show up in a list under the Airport/Wifi icon?


    Is this what you've tried... click the WiFi icon at the top, and click join other network. Fill in everything as needed.

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    No it shows up there.  The password is six characters.  My computer requires eight!  My question is how do I login if Apple won't let me?


    I click the WiFi icon.  Then I click the gateway's name.  Another screen pops up to enter the password.  The password is too short.

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    Can you connect an Ethernet cable to it so you can get in & change the Name/SSID?