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After upgrade to 6.1 on my iPhone 5 i have problem with sending mail.

I use Gmail and Exchange (Gmail) with second verification on my iPhone.

The problem is that mail app shows "sending..." about 10 min, than send one.

I tried reload iPhone delete and setup settings and there nothing. After first sent mail it works ok, i can send and receive mail, but if I close mail app - problem appear again. And i need to wait about 10 min to send second mail.

With iCloud mail there is no problem.

There might Gmail bug, I don't know...

What should I do?

Help, please!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    It's because apple,broke ssl. Works on my iPhone 4 and 4s but not the 5

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    Thank you for yor answer. How can i fix it? Is there way to resolve this problem. Because icloud mail works ok with ssl. And if i try to send message with exchange server it is ok, but not gmail. And i can not change smtp settings in gmail.

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    I fixed my problem today. The problem was, that after i have upgrated to 6.1 mail app was not in notification center.

    I turned on mail app in notification center settings and it works ok. Now i can send and recieve message with no problem. I do not know how it depends on, but this solved my problem.

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    Ours was a carrier issue.  Any 4g phone wouldn't work on our account.  I had to open a special ticket with Verizon and two days later it was fixed.



    Cannot connect to any ssl site (hence why exchange doesn't work)

    Cannot connect to IPSec VPN


    Will work perfect on wifi (hotspot will not work)


    It was only 4g phones for us.  Now working

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    And, sorry, I did not mentioned. Before that I reset all my network settings. It might too solved this problem. Try to reset network settings.

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    This worked for me! Just activate notification center for your gmail account! No need to reset netwrok setting.

    Thank you so much!