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Several months ago I change my Apple ID but not any of the hardware and products associated with it. I purchased Aperture under the old log in and have been using it regularly on my MAC. Last week my harddrive on the MAC crashed. When I went to reload all the purchases - everything under the new log in loaded back fine but everything from the old ID was no longer available. Aperture is gone...

Attempts to log in using the old log in information has failed as well as countless hours working with customer service.


I will never change my ID again - but that is not helping now.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Aperture 3
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    are you sure, that you bought Aperture from the App Store, and not from the Apple Store?

    If you bought from the Apple Store, you will have received a serial number. Do you still have it? Then download the Aperture 3 Trial and reinstall - but do this only, if you have a serial number!


    1. Go to the Applications folder and delete Aperture.
    2. Download the Aperture 3.1 Trial  from here: Aperture 3.1 Trial
    3. Open the Aperture Trial disc image.
    4. Double-click the "Aperture Trial.mpkg" file.
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Aperture.
    6. After the installation completes, choose Software Update from the Apple () menu.
    7. Install the Aperture 3.4 update from the list of available updates.

    If you definitely bought from the AppStore and not AppleStore - what happens when you try to log into the AppStore - in what way does it fail?




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    You are correct - I did buy the product online from the Apple store after a trial. When I attempt to log in using the new log in and pw - it tells me there is no such software. I then try to log in using the old id and pw and it tells me that the info I have entered is incorrect. When I attempt to reset the pw (as I have not used the old id and pw for 6 months) it tell me that that log in is no good. 


    Although I am usually very good with keeping serial numbers for some reason I am not finding this one. Your solution sounds like an easy fix - but alas the Aperture software (and the money I paid for it) is lost forever.


    I will now go purchase another photography product from somewhere else.


    I find it very sad that my purchase will not be honored.  I had the program for over a year and worked in it with no difficulties...and I can see the Aperture files in Timekeeper. When I attempt to search for them on the computer - I am auto connected back to the Aperture trial version where I am asked to pay AGAIN.


    Lesson learned.

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    If you bought Aperture from the Apple Store (that is you used your web browser to buy it) and not the Mac App Store (which uses the App Store application) there is no sense in trying to log into the MAS, your purchase isn't there. 


    If you restore Aperture from your backups it should be fine. Once you have it restored from the backups you can get the serial number by doing Aperture->About Aperture. Write it down.



    If you don't have backups then see Pro Application Replacement Serial Numbers


    If you have been using Aperture for a year you must have a lot of work in it. If you jump ship now you will loose a years worth of work, the most you can recover from the library are the master image files, you will have to recreate all metadata and adjustments in whatever new software you get.


    Even if worst-comes-to-worst and you have to purchase Aperture again, it would seem that your time to redo a years worth of work is worth a lot more then $80 US, the price in the MAS.