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Greetings to the community!


My GIO hangs up and no longer responds to Garageband.


Especially if I leave it plugged in. If I leave it plugged in it will jam up other apps.


Upon startup it doesn't respond if I plug it in and press OK in the 2 dialogs. I have to quit garageband and re-open garageband, this cannot be normal.


Expected behavior would be to have the GIO control and respond to garageband if they are both up and running. THis is not the case, I have to plug the GIO Unit in and out and reboot Garageband to get it working. If I leave it for awhile it loses connection as well.


My Software is all current my iMac is new but I haven't done any software updates for the GIO.


GIO Firmware = v1.00

GIO ser# = GPAP006868

GIO MIDI Driver = v1.0.1

GIO Daemon = v1.6.15


GarageBand (11) = v6.0.4(427.84)


Mac OS X i7 = v10.7.5


What can we do to get GIO to operate as it should, it's very frustrating since it's supposed to be a device that controls garageband therefore should be easy to engage and startup.


Do I need to update any software? Why does the GIO freeze up and fail to start after pressing OK on the 2 driver dialogs?


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iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Apogee GIO