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Hello, All-


I have a home network in which I have an AEBS connected to a Comcast ISP network via a Motorola Surfboard cable modem.  Besides the main AEBS, I also have a secondary AEBS that extends my network so that I can plug in a printer and two other computers at the other end of the house.


I am using OpenDNS to filter our internet connection and it works GREAT while I'm using wireless; however, whenever my family or I use one of the computers physically connected to the other extended router, it bypasses the OpenDNS servers and pulls down content/sites that are otherwise restricted.


In checking my OpenDNS settings, it is set up using the IP address on my primary AEBS (which is what I would expect). I assume that since my secondary extended router has it's own IP address of 10.0.1.XX, then that is causing the problem.




Is there a different method I should use to set up the Secondary Router so that it doesn't register it's own IP address?


Does anyone use OpenDNS in a similar fashion?


Thanks for any help you can offer!