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Trying to connect a HP w2207h wide screen display to my brand new Mac mini 2012 late (januari 2013):


The HDMI connection with the Mac mini fails. The monitor is going to sleep and never more awakes. At the back of the HP Pavillon PC - where the HP w2207h now is connected too, is present a DVI - I Dual Link (24+4+1) female connector and a HDMI connector (perhaps without sound).



Is a >>> HDMI<>DVI (24+4+1) female<>DVI (24+4+1) male<> HDMI <<< connection perhaps the solution for this  - going to sleep forever - problem?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    This question doesnt seem to have anything to do with iCloud (the forum you've posted in)...


    You'd be better off posting in the Mac mini forum, where people with relevant experience hang out:



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    I had my 2012 mini fail after 3 weeks, using both MDP-DP and then trying HDMI each resulted in a checkerboard pattern and couldn't get past the desktop, just constantly rebooting. I covered this in another thread about blinking, but to make a long story short, Apple told me that it's a known issue and only the Thunderbolt output to Thunderbolt is known to work perfectly. There is no current fix. Apple also does not allow a hardware replacement if your Mac dies from this, meaning they want you to settle for buying a new Mac and then not being able to use it unless you shell out another $1000 for a Thunderbolt display. It's ridiculous, and I see another person posting today they have the same issues, can't get a video output to work at all.

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    The problem above is solved for me.

    With thanks to Joseph.( See discussion Mac Mini 1 feb. 2013.)


    Mac mini minidisplay port------>Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual Link (24+1) female ------>


                                                           ------->DVI-D Dual Link (24+1) to HDMI-------->HDMI port of HP w2207h


    Resolution : Best quality.


    SY               Han