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So I have have a problem setting up my Apple WiFI basestations to my already existing wired network. The layout of the network looks like this today.


DSL (Modem) -> Wired Router (Mikrotik) -> Switch - > AirPort Express (1) - wired

                                                                           - > AirPort Express (2) - wired

                                                                           - > (AirPort) Time Capsule (1) - wired


All units are connected to the switch via a CAT-6 wired network and the Wired Router (Mikrotik) has the DHCP service.

My previous atempts at seting up the system and setting each unit to create a new wifi network with the same name, encryption and bridge-mode has failed, as the netowork has become unstable, unresponsive or with extremely low throughput.




How should I configure the Airport Express units and the Time Capsule to create a WiFi network named XYZ with WPA2 Personal encryption?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    As you said, bridge mode with same name, password and security type. This problem seems bizarre as I have an A1034 Extreme set up to provide a secondary 802.11g WEP network for some legacy devices, which is a similar setup to your own. Are you using AirPort Utility 5.6 or 6.0?